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Is it possible to run Spotnet and SnelNL software?

Yes, you are free to choose which software to use with SnelNL. However, there are some differences when using the software:

- SnelNL offers a much better completion rate than Spotnet.
- SnelNL is also available to macOS users!

You can download our software for free here!

I can't find or play my previous downloads

You can find old downloads on your hard drive. Try looking in your 'Downloads' folder or 'SnelNL' folder in 'Documents'.

My download keeps pausing / is stuck at 0%

Be sure to check the following:

- Are you using the correct username and password?

- Do you share your account? (this is allowed, but all of your available connections may be taken).

I do not get the full download speed

There’s a lot of confusion about MB/s (MiB/s), and Mbps (Mbit/s).

The download software shows the download speed in MB/s (MiB/s). To convert MB/s to Mbps you need to multiply the number by eight, for example:

1MB/s = 8Mbps or 5MB/s = 40Mbps.

Possible reasons for slower downloads:

- WiFi is limited and often doesn't provide full and stable download speeds.
- Your HDD is slow and can’t write or/and extract faster than the download.
- Your internet connection might be limited by your internet provider.
- You may be limited by the number of connections your plan provides (Slow = 3 connections / Basic = 8 connections / Fast = 12 connections)

If this doesn't help you, please contact us.

I cannot open the SnelNL software

If you are unable to open the SnelNL application try doing the following:

Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL)

- Look under Processes and check whether SnelNL is running.

- Select the SnelNL process and stop it by clicking 'End Process'.

- Try and launch SnelNL again.

If you keep having this problem, try reinstalling the latest SnelNL software.

I am having trouble installing SnelNL

If you’re having issues installing the SnelNL program, we suggest removing any installed SnelNL software from your device and downloading the latest version of our application.

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