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How do I extend my account?

SnelNL offers three ways you can extend your subscription:

- By visiting your personal account and clicking the 'Extend' button.
- By using the ‘Extend’ link provided in our previous order confirmation e-mail.
- By simply choosing a subscription on our products page and registering with your e-mail address.

Can I use SnelNL when I am abroad?

Yes, you can use our services and software anywhere in the world.

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email on your personal account page in the ‘Edit personal information section’.

Where do I see the status of my account?

You can always check your account status on your personal account page.

How do I know when my subscription ends?

You can always check the term of your subscription on your personal account page.

Also, a few days before your subscription expires, you will receive a reminder email from us, detailing the remaining number of days of your subscription.

How do I upgrade my subscription to a faster account?

You can always upgrade to a faster account. Go to your account page and press "Upgrade" under the blue Extend button.

How the conversion works:

From a 'Slow' to a 'Basic' subscription; current term times 0.6 plus the new term.
From a 'Slow' to a 'Fast' subscription; the current term times 0.5 plus the new term.
From a 'Basic' to a 'Fast' subscription; the current term times 0.8 plus the new term.

Conversion example:

If you currently have 25 days remaining for your 'Slow’ subscription term, but you'd like to convert to a 30 day 'Basic' subscription. The conversion will work as follows: The remaining 25 days of your 'Small' subscription times 0.6 comes to 15 days. Now add those 15 days to your 30 days 'Basic' subscription and you'll get 45 days of 'Basic' subscription.

If you have Auto-Renewal ON, we suggest you check out how to upgrade here.

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