What is SnelNL?

Information about SnelNL and Usenet

What is Usenet?

Usenet is an international and worldwide network of servers where people can post messages, articles or files. Others can then download these from the platform. If someone posts such a message or file, they do so in a so-called newsgroup. Newsgroups can be interpreted as folders on a computer. All, more than a hundred thousand different Newsgroups form Usenet together. To download files from Usenet a Newsreader is used.


What is SnelNL?

SnelNL is a Usenet Provider with its very own Streaming Newsreader. SnelNL gives users access to Usenet and the ability to download. The streaming media player comes free with a SnelNL account. While downloading a file from Usenet with SnelNL you won’t have to wait until it’s finished because you can stream your media while you download!

SnelNL also has a great retention of more than 1500 days! Retention is the number of days that a message, article or file can be downloaded from Usenet from the moment it was posted.


SnelNL Streaming Usenet player?

The Streaming Usenet Player from SnelNL allows you to play files while they’re downloading. When downloading a file from Usenet SnelNL gets rid of the tedious waiting process experienced by downloading with other software. Watch or listen to your downloads instantly with SnelNL!

To download the FREE special SnelNL software click here.