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Exclusive Usenet streaming freeware

Download and stream with one intuitive app!

Every SnelNL subscription plan comes with exclusive Usenet streaming software that lets you start watching as soon as the download starts. Best of all — it’s free!

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SnelNL is the leading Usenet provider with access to unlimited high-quality content and exclusive features designed to bring you the best Usenet experience.

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Free Usenet-Downloadsoftware

Free Usenet downloading software

Every SnelNL subscription comes with free Usenet downloading software. Designed to bring you the best Usenet experience, it allows you to search, find, and download everything our newsgroup has to offer with one intuitive app.

No additional software. No complicated setups. No browsing.

Free Usenet-Downloadsoftware
Usenet streaming freeware

Usenet streaming freeware

Any SnelNL subscription comes with our one-of-a-kind Usenet streaming software. With this exclusive newsgroup technology, you no longer have to wait for your downloads to finish — start streaming with our in-app player as soon as your download starts.

No waiting. No switching apps. No playback issues.

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