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You can now use Bitcoins to make a payment at SnelNL!

From now on its possible to pay with bitcoins at SnelNL!

When we here at SnelNL found out people would like to have the ability to pay using Bitcoins, we decided to help. Therefore we added the paymentmethod with the use of Bitcoins!

If you don’t know exactly what Bitcoins are, we are happy to give you a brief explanation:

Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency, which means that there are no banks or similar institutions involved. The Bitcoin network consists entirely of users using bitcoins. What makes bitcoins a free and highly secure currency, are the encryptions and the decentralized structure of it all.

When paying with bitcoins are no middlemen, transaction costs are minimal and there are no long waiting times for the money to be transferred. Also, bitcoins can be infinitely divided. For example: you can choose to transfer 1 bitcoin, or one-thousandth of a bitcoin.

Sending bitcoins is as easy as sending an email. All you really need is a Bitcoin address and an internet connection. And, anyone can buy unlimited bitcoins, sell them, accept them, and you can even create your own. There are no strange restrictions or conditions attached to the use of bitcoins.

We hope you've found this information useful!

With the best regards,
The SnelNL Team