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SnelNL brings you free Usenet downloading Software, be one of the lucky and happy users and try it out for free! To use the downloading option in SnelNL Software you must have access to one of our subscriptions. Just try it out: order a test subscription! Completely free, without any strings attached! With this you get access to professional SnelNL usenet, we offer several packages based on downloading speed. If you're unsure which plan suits your needs, try our Speed ​​Tester from below.

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Usenet, also named newsgroups, has been around a long time and was originally intended as a discussion of text messages. But newsgroups can also be used to transfer data, such as movies or music, Usenet is now getting more and more popular. SnelNL gives you access to these newsgroups.

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With this user-friendly application, downloading from Usenet becomes much easier. You no longer have any difficult and time-consuming steps. This application is the next generation of the binary Usenet downloaders. We have a media player integrated with our powerful usenet downloader so you can see what you're downloading. Whether it's a high quality video file, Disk image, audio or images, our application gives you the ability to start watching or listening instantly. It's easy, fast and fun!

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SnelNL has a build in SSL implementation, this allows you in addition to the normal connection to use a secure connection. This makes it impossible for others, such as your internet provider(ISP), to intercept/inspect the content from the connections with SnelNL. Your actions on Usenet are not traceable by others, so your privacy is guaranteed.

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System requirements

Windows XP or higher
MacOS X 10.6 or higher
Ubuntu 10.04 or higher

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